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Artist's Statement

Richard Leach

“I usually describe my work as ‘mixed media’ since my background as an artist has primarily involved illustration and graphic design until the last few years so stylistic descriptions of my current artwork can be confusing. Commercial work usually demands a variety of approaches and often different styles so versatility is a bonus in the commercial field. 

But not so much for the ‘fine artist.’ Many of the techniques that I used in commercial work, though, have followed me as I explore new territory in the world of fine art. I am aiming at something ineffable and difficult to pin down but finding my way is what I’m doing and I use art as a tool to do that.

The work usually involves a narrative, since I love a good story, so I look for stories and themes that resonate on many levels.

You can expect to find that most of my work is allegorical in nature and features high relief art in acrylic or mixed media on wood in addition to digitally combined compositions printed on watercolour paper. In a recent development, I have begun to collage and paint on some of the digital artwork to create one-of-a-kind compositions.”

Richard Leach


Richard Leach is an award winning graphic designer, design consultant, brand manager and illustrator with over 40 years of experience in the communications industry. After working for five years in Mississauga City government as an arts assistant and graphic designer, he started as an independent designer in 1981 and established Creative Edge Design in 1989. He has worked under contract for a wide range of clients including corporations from large to small, business startups, and as a brand manager and art director for established businesses.
What Came After
And then… in recent years, the madness of the advertising industry led him to wish for more beautiful surroundings and fewer urgent deadlines so.. He moved to Prince Edward County with his partner, Linda, in 2016, built Stellar Wind Studio/Gallery and became part of the PEC Studio Tour as a full time artist in the same year. Subsequently, Richard was invited to show with the Arts on Main artist cooperative and became a full-time member in 2022.

Richard holds a BA in Art Education from University of Toronto and a Diploma in Art and Design from Sheridan College. He also completed two years of study in Fine Art at Hornsey College of Art in London, England (Hornsey was swallowed up by Middlesex Polytechnic in subsequent years and the only thing left of it other than a legacy of excellent artists is a sad Facebook posting with reminiscences of the weird and wonderful times spent at the college.)

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